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Our Rich History


At KPMG, we’re extremely proud of our rich history.

We were honored to commemorate our 120th milestone anniversary in 2017 and celebrate our history of service to our clients, our communities, and each other!

Our culture makes KPMG unique, and it’s defined by the collective behaviors of each and every individual that makes up this great firm. Our people, past and present, are responsible for building a wonderful legacy... and creating KPMG’s story.

We continue to reflect on the critical role we’ve played in the capital markets we serve. For more than a century, KPMG has been committed to working collaboratively to deliver quality service and drive innovation for our clients. We are equally proud of the profound impact we’ve made in the communities in which we live and work since 1897.

We hope you will join us as we continue on our exciting journey.

The KPMG Story encompasses what we believe in, where we're going, and how we’ll get there. It includes our Purpose, Values, Vision, Strategy, and our Promise. Our story helps us make informed decisions as we respond to challenges and pursue new opportunities.

The KPMG Story binds us together, and helps us grow – individually and collectively – and it sets us apart from the competition. KPMG has a great story to tell, and we’re extremely proud of it. We encourage you to learn more about how you can become part of our story.

What will Your Story be at KPMG?

Impact with Purpose

We all have a purpose at KPMG. Explore yours.

KPMG is a firm with a rich history of doing great work and making a difference. Individually and as a firm, we inspire confidence and empower change in so many different ways. We truly believe that everyone is here for a purpose. Whether our purpose is to serve our clients directly or to help those who do, we all contribute to the bigger picture.

At KPMG, purpose is the difference that has always set us apart. Purpose is the difference between managing military inventory and delivering lifesaving aid to our allies. Between reconciling conflicting financial claims and helping bring hostages home. Between certifying election results and strengthening a young democracy. Between monitoring a cleanup and helping a nation heal after a tragedy. This difference in perspective has enabled us to inspire confidence and empower change for over 100 years, and it will for 100 more. Because at KPMG, purpose is the difference between doing our job and knowing why it matters.

Our Values

Our Values define who we are, what we believe and what we stand for. They establish a common identity that unites us. At KPMG, we are truly better Together.

Our Values guide our thousands of extraordinary people to do what is right, learn and improve every day, think and act boldly, respect and draw strength from our differences, and do what matters for our clients, communities and the capital markets we serve.

Our Values make us stronger and help us grow the trust of all our stakeholders every day.

KPMG Values

  • Integrity. We do what is right.
  • Excellence. We never stop learning and improving.
  • Courage. We think and act boldly.
  • Together. We respect each other and draw strength from our differences.
  • For Better. We do what matters.

Our promise of professionalism

At KPMG, we are proud of our commitment to ethics and integrity and the way we have embedded our core values - including "Above All, We Act with Integrity" - into all of our business. KPMG - through its people, values, programs, and policies - has made it a priority to help ensure that we have an ethical culture where everyone embraces a sense of personal responsibility for doing the right thing in the right way.

Quote image, Jack Umansky

“What I like most about KPMG is the culture. It’s the mantra of Lead by Example. I’ve worked at three other firms before, and I always felt like you have a job and you do your job. And the one thing that I found really different at KPMG, and why I’ve stayed here for over nine years, is the people that I’ve worked with and for. They have truly been mentors and they have helped me to succeed.”
– Jack Umansky, Director - Advisory

Our Vision

To be the Clear Choice

At KPMG, our goal is not to be the biggest professional services firm. Our goal is to be the best professional services firm. And we define this in a very tangible way through our vision of being the Clear Choice.

For KPMG, being the Clear Choice means that:

  • Our people are extraordinary;
  • Our Clients see a difference in us; and
  • The public trusts us.

We believe that living our principles — and living the KPMG Story — will set us apart.

We hope KPMG will be your Clear Choice.

“The recipe for success is good work. Do good work and you will get work. There is no other way." – William Barclay Peat

This advice, delivered by one of our founders William Barclay Peat, remains as relevant for our firm today as it was a century ago. It’s why our people maintain such a relentless focus on quality and providing excellent client service in all we do. We have a clear strategy that is based on taking a long-term, sustainable view about how we build our brand and our success.

A Culture of Innovation

When you join KPMG, you’ll collaborate with some of the most talented and innovative people in the profession, across all areas of our business and all organizational levels and functions, to bring our strategy to life every day.

You’ll become part of a network of colleagues who share ideas and inspire you to excel and build your career. We want you to be better tomorrow than you are today. If you’re ready to imagine where your success can take you, we’re ready to help you get there.

Join a team that will inspire you...

A Strategy for Success

Our Promise

With passion and purpose, KPMGers work shoulder-to-shoulder with our colleagues, clients, and communities, integrating innovative approaches and deep expertise to deliver real results.

Quote image, Nick Washington

“I see people who I care about and who I want to work with sitting on either side of me. I’m from a very big family in Jamaica. When I left Jamaica, that was taken from me. You all give me an opportunity to recreate the family environment I have at home, and being able to call you my friends, my family, my brothers, and my sisters is special.”
– Nick Washington, Manager - Audit

We will continue to live our story every day.
This is our Promise.

Inclusion and Diversity

Come as you are. Go where you want.

You bring a unique perspective to the table. The path that led you here, the experiences you’ve formed, the skills you’ve cultivated... they are what enable you to contribute to KPMG in ways no one else can. You are who you are, and that's who we want.


We care about you – the person, the professional, the teammate and friend. We encourage authenticity, honor individual priorities, and respect your choices. KPMG's benefits and rewards, diversity networks, and the recognition we've received demonstrate the value we place on the contributions of everyone who works here.


An exceptional combination of skills, perspectives and experiences drive innovation—and our success. That’s why we're invested in developing, retaining and advancing diverse, high-performing professionals like you. And why we created programs like Future Diversity Leaders, Managing Career Life Choices, Leadership essentials and Pride 15, accelerating your career potential to support you throughout your entire professional journey, so you can hone your skills, expand your experiences, and connect with mentors and sponsors who are committed to helping you succeed. At KPMG, you can take your career where you are driven to go. Read the chairman’s statement on diversity.



At KPMG we are committed to education and lifelong learning as they are central to building communities and economies. Through our efforts, we foster the development of a diverse values-driven talent pipeline both internally and externally. We empower individuals to advance in their education and career, from pre-k to the c-suite with the ambition of changing lives. In addition, through investment, volunteerism and service in other areas, we will make strides to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).