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KPMG is proud to be a global network of professional services firms committed to driving positive, sustainable change for our clients, our people and our society at large. KPMG is committed to quality and service excellence in all that we do, bringing our best to clients and earning the public's trust through our actions and behaviors both professionally and personally. Delivering on this commitment requires recruiting the finest talent available to help lead and shape our firm. When Direct Entry Partners and Managing Directors join KPMG, we provide them with a comprehensive, cross-functional, and consistent integration process. The Senior Talent Integration team establishes a foundation of trust and reliability through a vested professional and personal interest in the success of each newcomer.

Your Legacy. Inspired.

Joining us in an executive role can provide an opportunity to create lasting change in industries or disciplines that inspire you. At KPMG, our culture of innovation is leading the industry in new and exciting ways. And our size and strength make us much more agile and responsive to changing trends.

We are committed to attracting, retaining and rewarding motivated, high-performing leaders. We seek growth-oriented executives who have made their mark in the business world, and are inspired and driven to build upon their success.

Executives who excel here share several leadership traits and personal characteristics:

  • Personify a high-level of ethics, integrity and professionalism.
  • Demonstrate professional excellence and technical knowledge/expertise.
  • Possess exceptional business/relationship development skills and experience.
  • Have the determination to champion our corporate responsibility initiatives.
  • Are committed to advancing our business and the KPMG brand through personal and professional growth.

Your first Two Years

Successful assimilation into the firm is our highest priority, and we have a robust process in place to facilitate your integration during the first two years, with an emphasis on your first six months. This includes support from Integration Stakeholders, whose responsibility is to support the transition of all of our new Direct Entry Partners (DEPs) and Managing Directors (MDs). Each of these professionals contributes to the success of our newcomers through different roles and responsibilities.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in our Direct Entry Induction Program and Direct Entry Leadership Summit. The Direct Entry Induction Program is a function-specific program focused on structure and organization, strategy, market development, operations, and risk management. The Direct Entry Leadership Summit is an annual two-day program that provides senior firm leadership the opportunity to share strategic priorities, vision, and current programming/projects being undertaken in Clients & Markets, Innovation and Enterprise Solutions, Governance, Technology, Professionalism & Integrity, Human Capital, and Global Initiatives. It provides an unparalleled learning and networking opportunity.

“This is THE most organized program that I have EVER seen!” Steve Abel, Managing Director - Risk Advisory Solutions

“My Navigational Guide has been my go-to document for almost everything. It is CRUCIALLY important! Keep doing it!!” Jason Haward-Grau, Managing Director - Cyber Security Services

Senior Talent Acquisition


As a Partner/Principal or Managing Director with KPMG, you will provide subject matter expertise to Fortune 500 executives seeking strategic approaches for success in today’s heavily regulated, ever-changing business climate. You’ll also work to foster the leadership skills of your team through coaching, counseling, performance development, and mentoring. In return, you’ll gain access to unlimited opportunities for success. Contact our Senior Talent Acquisition Team to see what this means to you: