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When you join KPMG, you become part of a network of colleagues who share ideas and inspire you to excel. You’ll work with some of the most innovative people in the business and collaborate across organizational levels and functional roles to build professional success.

... and help you grow.

Together as one team, we will forge the future of the firm through transformation, innovation and acceleration. KPMG professionals can help you grow your experience and expand your impact. We want you to be better tomorrow than you are today. If you’re ready to imagine where your career can take you, we’re ready to help you get there.

Culture of Innovation

Executive Careers


Joining us in an executive role can provide an opportunity to create lasting change in industries or disciplines that inspire you. At KPMG, our culture of innovation is leading the industry in new and exciting ways. And our size and strength make us much more agile and responsive to changing trends.

We are committed to attracting, retaining and rewarding motivated, high-performing leaders. We seek growth-oriented executives who have made their mark in the business world, and are inspired and driven to build upon their success.

Executives who excel here share several leadership traits and personal characteristics:

  • Personify a high-level of ethics, integrity and professionalism.
  • Demonstrate professional excellence and technical knowledge/expertise.
  • Possess exceptional business/relationship development skills and experience.
  • Have the determination to champion our corporate responsibility initiatives.
  • Are committed to advancing our business and the KPMG brand through personal and professional growth.

Senior Talent Acquisition


As a Partner/Principal or Managing Director with KPMG, you will provide subject matter expertise to Fortune 500 executives seeking strategic approaches for success in today’s heavily regulated, ever-changing business climate. You’ll also work to foster the leadership skills of your team through coaching, counseling, performance development, and mentoring. In return, you’ll gain access to unlimited opportunities for success. Contact our Senior Talent Acquisition Team to see what this means to you:

Transitioning Military


You have our utmost gratitude and respect. You protected our country without hesitation and succeeded where others couldn’t. Your military experience has allowed you to hone your leadership and analytical skills, and your ability to be a tactical thinker and a team player. We seek leaders like yourselves who can thrive in our culture by demonstrating and communicating their dedication to quality, ethics and integrity.

As you transition into civilian life, KPMG would like you to consider taking on new challenges and putting your invaluable skills and experience to service with us. Begin your search by clicking the link below and typing in your MOC/MOS or military title for KPMG opportunities that best fit you.

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