Audit: Quality, Service and Integrity

KPMG clients look to our audit professionals to provide a high-quality financial statement audit as well as industry insight and valuable perspectives on salient business issues. Each of our engagements is tailored to the client’s operational structure, industry and size, in order to meet professional standards and the needs of investors, the capital markets, the audit committee and management. Our proprietary technology enables our team members to perform high-quality audits.

Our Data & Analytics (D&A) capabilities enable us to gain a more robust understanding of our clients’ organizations, operational concerns, control environments and financial performance—and share that insight with our clients, including areas such as Forensics, Tax, and Information Risk Management.

Working in audit at KPMG means being part of a multidisciplinary team with a thorough understanding of financial reporting, technical accounting and auditing standards, and the necessary business skills to provide value to our clients and other key stakeholders. We hire audit professionals who can help provide an independent, accurate and transparent audit. Your commitment to quality, service and integrity is key to your success and ours.

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